Tummy Tightening

We know how much you love being a mum, and you wouldn’t change things for the world… well, perhaps you might change one thing, the loose skin and stretch marks which pregnancy and childbirth inevitably entails. Even when you return to your pre pregnancy weight it’s very difficult to get back that taut tummy you had before, and what’s the use of having washboard abs if nobody can see them under layers of loose skin? There are plenty of celebrity driven diet and exercise “pregnancy recovery” plans out there, but we’ve yet to see one which really works (we suspect many of those celebrities have had other treatments as well!) and traditional plastic surgery is invasive with long recovery times which are hardly ideal when you have the little ones running about.

Now there is an alternative which can banish that “mummy tummy”.  Our lumislim laser lipo procedure is carried out over the course of four sessions and guarantees to combat any unsightly areas on the mid-rift.  This procedure is then followed by our radio frequency therapy which works to accentuate the benefits of the initial laser lipo course,.   At last you can look as gorgeous on the outside as being a mum makes you feel on the inside, with the confidence to dress how you please, not how your body dictates. You can resurrect your favourite tight dresses, cropped tops and bikinis which you might have thought were gone forever, all with a simple non-invasive treatment with minimal recovery times. Along with your tauter tummy this treatment can minimise the appearance of scars and stretch marks, making you doubly confident, to bare as much as you dare.

We achieve this amazing effect using our machine, which is the very latest in radio-frequency technology operated by experts, highly trained and fully accredited clinicians. Completely harmless units of radio frequency are beamed into your tummy, carefully calibrated so that they do not affect the outer layer of skin but get working deep down in the epidermis where they are most needed. The thermal effect gently heats and tightens the skin layers which in turn tightens the outer skin of your tummy, making it smoother and younger looking; fractional technology builds microscopic columns of taut skin cells (much faster and with shorter recovery times than treating the whole area) which supports your new younger and tighter skin and mitigates the appearance of stretch marks. The treatment promotes new collagen growth to reverse the trends of ageing and creates fresher looking skin.

Call us today and find out why being a mummy and having a tight tummy aren’t mutually exclusive!