Neck, Jawline & Decolletage

A lady never likes to reveal her age. Although there are often signs of ageing that give away the secret. Like most bodily changes these don’t take place over night. The ageing of the skin is a slow and gradual process and often goes unnoticed until the day the person staring back at you in the mirror is not the person you thought it was. Our neck, jawline and décolletage treatments are designed to rejuvenate your natural beauty by reversing those give away signs.

Our astonishing results are achieved using state-of-the-art thermal and fractional radio frequency technology, operated by our expert, highly trained and fully accredited clinicians. Units of radio frequency are beamed onto the skin of your neck. All of our machines are carefully calibrated following an initial consultation to ensure they do not affect the outer layers of your skin, but instead get to work deep down in the epidermis where rejuvenation is needed. The thermal element heats and tightens the lower layers of the skin, with the fractional component building microscopic columns of tighter skin cells to give a support structure to your newly tightened and smoother surface skin.

Contact us today to keep your best kept secret secret.

  • The most advanced and complete anti-ageing treatment
  • Stimulates your body’s dormant youth building processes
  • Tightens skin while promoting collagen regrowth
  • Smooths lines and plumps skin for a glowing, youthful appearance
  • Immediate results that improve over time
  • A natural process with natural looking results
  • Latest most advanced technology for complete peace of mind
  • Long lasting and ongoing
  • No downtime. A swift procedure with no negative side effects.

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