Men Laser

We’ve all looked enviously at models and sports stars and their perfect washboard abs and slim waists; if there’s one thing which makes a man look younger and more attractive it’s a toned midriff, clothed or not! You may well have spent hours on end in the gym, repeating crunches and sit-ups over and over, but a cruel fact of life is, especially as we get older, that sometimes that spare tyre simply won’t budge. Now there is a way to achieve the torso of your dreams without hugely expensive and invasive liposuction; you’ll be buying tighter T-shirts and slim waist jeans like there’s no tomorrow, you might well spend more on your new wardrobe than you did on the treatment!

This new treatment involves 100% safe non-invasive laser lipo; in just ten half-hour sessions we can literally melt away your unsightly extra fat, leaving a slimmer, more shapely torso which will really allow your stomach muscles to stand out. You really will be astounded by what you see in the mirror; there is an appreciable difference to be seen after every session, and after the full course of ten sessions you really will see a whole new you.

For this treatment we employ the very latest state-of-the-art technology, the Lumislim Titan laser lipo machine. This is undoubtedly the best machine of its type available on the market today (in fact it’s the only machine with its specifications), and it is operated by our highly trained, fully accredited expert clinicians. The Titan employs large diode pads, each containing forty laser diodes, which enables us to treat large areas simultaneously, meaning you require fewer treatments. It uses dual wavelength diode lasers which treat superficial and subcutaneous fat at the same time, giving much more effective and quicker results than any single wavelength machine. Applied to the torso it melts away love handles, beer bellies, middle-aged spread… whatever you’ve got, this machine can work on it.

Call us today and let us set lasers to stunning!