Legs & Bums

Think for a moment about what part of your beauty routine gets the most attention–odds are it’s probably looking after your legs, shaving or waxing them, creaming and tanning them, not to mention all those hours in the gym keeping them in trim or chasing little ones up and down the stairs. Perfect legs are a wonderful thing to aim for, but as we get older they become more and more difficult to maintain; we naturally start to put on a little weight and skin starts to sag and pucker, perhaps even the dreaded cellulite appears. It’s easy to feel defeated and start eschewing skirts, shorts and beachwear in favour of trousers and jogging pants, but there is another option.

Our luxurious legs treatment combines laser liposuction with skin tightening therapy to give you slimmer, shapelier and more visually appealing legs, all through 100% safe non-invasive procedures. You will be astonished by the transformational results, and delighted with the extra confidence your new legs will bring you. More confidence for you, more admiring looks from everyone else, what’s not to like?

We achieve these incredible results by firstly employing the very latest state-of-the-art technology, Lumislim Titan non-invasive laser lipolysis device. This is undoubtedly the best machine of its type available on the market today (in fact it’s the only machine with its specifications), and it is operated by our highly trained, fully accredited expert technicians and aesthetic practitioners. The Titan employs large diode pads, each containing forty laser diodes, which enables us to treat large areas simultaneously. It uses dual wavelength diode lasers which treat superficial and deep fibrous subcutaneous fat and cellulite at the same time.

We then take your new slimmer leg and treat it with our state-of-the-art thermal radio frequency treatment. Units of radio frequency are beamed into your leg, carefully calibrated to avoid affecting the outer skin; they start working lower down in your epidermis, heating and contracting skin layers, which in turn leads to tighter skin on the surface. This treatment will shape the contours of your skin around the new shape of your leg, avoiding the loose skin which is inevitable with more traditional procedures. The treatment promotes new collagen growth to reverse the trends of ageing and create fresh skin.

Call us today and let your “new” legs literally put a spring back in your step!