Ladies Laser Lipo

You eat sensibly, deny yourself that glass of wine, put in hours on the treadmill… and at the end of the week you weigh in to find it’s made no difference and maybe you even gained a pound or two. Does that sound depressingly familiar? The fact is that for all the claims of the purveyors of “miracle” diets will make, sometimes it can be almost impossible to shift those few extra pounds, especially as our metabolism slows down as we get older. Until now the alternatives were hugely expensive and invasive liposuction, or buying bigger dresses!

At last there is a better alternative, with our 100% safe non-invasive laser lipo treatment; in just 8 half-hour sessions we can treat multiple areas and literally melt away that unwanted fat. The effect of this treatment really does have to be seen to be believed; finally those love handles and middle-aged spread can be dealt with easily, efficiently and long term. A particularly welcome additional benefit of this treatment for women is that stretch marks become less visible after treatment.

For this treatment we employ the very latest state-of-the-art technology, the Lumislim Titan laser lipo machine. This is undoubtedly the best machine of its type available on the market today (in fact it’s the only machine with its specifications), and it is operated by our highly trained, fully accredited expert clinicians. The Titan employs large diode pads, each containing forty laser diodes of two wavelengths, which enables us to treat large areas simultaneously, meaning you require fewer treatments. It uses dual wavelength diode lasers which treat superficial and subcutaneous fat at the same time, giving much more effective and quicker results than any single wavelength machine.

Call us today and see how our laser lipo program can dramatically reduce the fat around two upper body areas of your choice (Tummy, muffin top, back, arms & chest ) without leaving scars on your skin or your bank balance!