“Ageing is no longer measured by crow’s feet and saggy jowls (for which corrective procedures are increasingly common), but by the dorsal, or top, part of the hands, where the skin is thinner and tends to crinkle over time.”

New York Times Health and Style Section

The hands are almost the last frontier in skin rejuvenation; many a youthful looking woman (Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker are often mentioned) is betrayed by the obvious signs of ageing on the hands. In formal wear, your face and hands are often the only areas of skin exposed, so you really need them to look at their best. Unfortunately part of the natural ageing process is to lose fat in the top part of the hands, which means the skin lacks support and starts to wrinkle. It also becomes more translucent, so unsightly veins and bones become more prominent. The multi billion-dollar hand cream and nail varnish industries amply demonstrate how much women care about the appearance of their hands, but is there something available which can truly rejuvenate them?

Fortunately, there now is; our hundred percent safe non-invasive hand lift treatment can tighten the skin of your hands, taking years off their appearance with tauter, smoother skin. You can banish the concern that your hands are a distraction when talking or demonstrating; you can be as extravagant as you wish in your gestures, knowing that your young looking hands are an asset, not a drawback. Beautiful hands, of course, make a perfect setting for beautiful rings; once you have undergone this treatment a little extra pampering via the jewellery store might be in order!

We achieve our incredible results using our top of the range thermal and fractional radio-frequency technology operated by expert, highly trained and fully accredited clinicians. Units of radio-frequency are beamed into your hands, carefully calibrated so that they do not affect the outer layer but get to work deep down within the layers of skin cells in the epidermis where they are needed. They heat and contract the underlying layers of skin, which in turn tightens the skin on the top of your hands. The fractional element builds microscopic columns of skin cells, tightening them to provide a supporting structure for your new, smoother skin. The treatment promotes new collagen growth to reverse the signs of ageing and creates fresh, youthful looking skin.

Call us today – the secret of a youthful look is literally in your hands.