Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments use the latest scientific advancements to reverse the most obvious signs of ageing. Cosmetic surgery treatments are becoming more and more popular for people hoping to look the age they feel. We’re here to help our clients receive better results than invasive surgery, at affordable prices, while at the same time eliminating the inherent risks that are still attributed to such procedures.

Our methods will literally turn back the hands of time, using the latest technologies in combination with the body’s own processes of skin growth to actually create new skin. A facial renaissance! Beginning with our one-hour face lift treatment and followed by three more sessions, you will have stunningly tighter and clearer skin for up to three years following the treatment. The results of the treatment are instant and the stimulating effect continues to work so that your appearance will continue to improve even after the treatments have been completed.  We recommend a course of four visits to achieve optimum results.  The benefits of this treatment will usually last for between 18 – 24 months.

The radio frequency (RF) energy treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic technique for improving skin tightness and reducing wrinkles and loose or sagging skin.
The treatment begins with our multi polar radio-frequency technology operated by our expert, highly trained and fully accredited clinicians and then concluded with our radio frequency therapy programme. In a totally non-invasive procedure, radio-frequency units are beamed into the selected areas, carefully calibrated specifically for you. This means the surface skin remains unaffected but instead creates micro-thermal zones beneath the skin which stimulate new skin growth, leading to a clearer complexion as new skin replaces older blemished areas. As part of this process the skin layers deep in the epidermis tighten, leading to tauter skin on the surface. At the same time our unique process stimulates neocollagenesis. Collagen growth usually stops around the age of thirty which in turn affects your skin’s youthful firmness. By encouraging new growth we are able to slow down and even reverse the ageing process without the need for invasive surgery or any toxin injections.

Call us today – the secret of a youthful look is literally in your hands.