Our Medi Aethestics team is headed by Ruth Connors, a fully certified technician with over 16 years of experience across multiple verticals in the health and beauty industry.  Ruth has a wealth of knowledge regarding the various methods of affordable anti-ageing treatments available and is passionate about offering well rounded advice to all clients wanting to learn more about self-improvement.  Understanding the individual needs and concerns of our clients is paramount to the work we carry out here at Clinic 505 and we specialise in offering clear and honest advice before undergoing any self-improvement treatments.

Unlike traditional forms of surgery all of our treatments are completely non-invasive.  We understand that to most people looking good is a crucial part to feeling good but we also understand the numerous legitimate concerns and worries people may have before going under the knife.  There are still many inherent risks involved with invasive surgery and our goal is to prove you can achieve the best results using the latest technologies without the risks that surgery involves.  None of our treatments are irreversible, none of our treatments leave scarring, none of our treatments cause bruising, none of our treatments require the use of anaesthetic and none of our treatments require time off work.

We believe in natural beauty.  All of the courses we offer at our clinic are aimed towards enhancing your natural beauty by re-vitalising and re-energising the collagen that already exists in your body.  No botox, no fillers, no Shaun Suisham Jersey lumps and bumps.  Just you – on a good day, every day.

So what is Collagen and why is it important?  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is quite literally the glue that holds the body together.  The name collagen stems from ‘kolla’, the Greek word for glue.  Collagen is found in the skin, muscles, bones and tendons where it structures itself to provide strength and structure for the skin, bones, muscles and tendons and is responsible for approximately 30% of the protein present in a typical human body.  Simply put, Collagen gives your skin the strength and structure it needs and also plays a vital role in the replacement of dead skin cells.

Collagen production declines with ageing and can also be negatively affected by choices of lifestyle such as smoking, prolonged exposure to sunlight, excessive sugar consumption and so on.  Numerous treatments we offer serve to disrupt the collagen in your body in turn stimulating the production of Collagen in your cells and subsequently improving the structure, firmness and appearance of your skin and various body parts.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways in which we can help you then please use our online ‘Book a Consultation’ form to arrange a consultation with Ruth or a relevant member of our clinical team.  Alternatively you can phone the clinic directly on 01702 464610.

We offer no obligation advice.  We offer the very best in non-invasive treatments with the highest standard of service.  We offer ongoing continued involvement with all of our clients if required.

We offer results.